Living green, I do what I can. But I hate government mandates on how we should live?

I recycle and do what I can, but when the govenrment tells us what to do, irregardless of the cost v/s benefits I do get upset. Am I wrong for thinking this way?
Ted, they are not making money off of recycling.

5 thoughts on “Living green, I do what I can. But I hate government mandates on how we should live?”

  1. I don’t think the government does enough. I live in a state with more environmental laws than most and I still think we haven’t gone far enough. I would like to be protected form the pollution of others. Many people complain about not being able to burn wood in the fire place to keep warm, but it is causing health problems for many people. I am so glad I can go into restaurants and stores and not have to breath second hand smoke. I would support a ban on plastic bags and think every ingredient should be listed on every product. My landfill has double it’s life because we are finally meeting the EPA guidelines and diverting over 60% of the waste to recycling. Which I support by purchasing as many products made of recycled goods as I can.

    I’m not sure which mandates you are referring to that would feel like the government telling me what to do.

  2. but as long as you let the government run your life, then that is what will happen. Revolt, vote out those want to force you. If the econuts burn down a ski resort, then burn down 10 wind turbines. If the econuts won’t come to the table to discuss, go to their table and boycott them.

  3. What I don’t like is to pay to have recycled stuff picked up and then that companys sells it on top of that so they make double money…if they want me to recycle then pay me…other wise I put it into the dump

  4. No, I don’t think you’re wrong for thinking that way. I feel the same way. I’m a "law-abiding citizen" but the more things they legislate and dictate, the more angry I get. I also recycle, am cautious about products I choose, etc. but I do it because I care about what kind of world my grandkids grow up in. NOT because somebody in the government decides we need a LAW telling me what else I have to do.

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