Livity Organic Eco Hemp Clothing, episode #527 Today we met with Isaac who is the owner of Livity. Livity is and eco-friendly high conscious organic clothing company. Isaac works really hard in making the best organic hemp clothes that you can imagine. Check it out…

12 thoughts on “Livity Organic Eco Hemp Clothing, episode #527”

  1. OneSweetWorldLIOG

    @Zippypo That’s cool. There’s a wegmans near me. Do you know what section to find them in?

  2. They sell this brand at Wegmans here on the East Coast.
    I only wear natural fibers no recycled for me.
    Would love to find more clothes made in the USA. Like to support the country I live in.

  3. wow… so if i ever get outdoorsy and need a jacket like that… I definitely want a jacket like that! o_o

  4. We have a local store that sells Hemp clothing, and I noticed that everything they sell, including Livity, is made in China. Does Livity have a US Made line, or do you know of any other manufacturers that are making Hemp clothing in the US, using Canadian, or at least, Western, Hemp fabrics?

  5. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. great guy, great vid. but relative to what he was talking around emanations of plastics, which I resonate with, he goes on to talk about recycled plastic in the clothing!!! I have seen this stuff around and no way do I want to wear recycled plastic, I would have liked to ask him this question??? Recycling is good for sure, but wearing plastic, recycled or not ? doesnt feel cool for me. Great to hear anyone elses opinions on this. Am I missing something?

  6. it’s always seemed odd to me that big outdoor clothing brands help destroy the actual environment they are creating clothes to explore it in. thanks for this informative video. he’s an inspiration.

  7. Wow that guy was droppin knowledge about the stuff rubbing off on your hands from outerwear jackets. I want that one he was showing. I was going to buy a columbia jacket next week but I think I won’t now.

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