My Green Home – Air-X 400w Wind Turbine

Just added a wind meter to measure wind speed against the power generation of my Air-X 400w wind turbine. Just after sunrise the winds started to pick up and the day started. This shows how the wind speed affects power output from a wind turbine.

16 thoughts on “My Green Home – Air-X 400w Wind Turbine”

  1. hi it would be nice to see inverter/battery in your video so people might understand a bit more. good thow

  2. The system runs my 16 – 11 volt deck lights, 2 strings of 100 LCD patio lights for a few hours at night, electronic bug zapper all day, charges all my rechargable tools, flashlights, camera batteries and has lots of power left available for runing small tools like my drill and weed wacker when needed.

  3. 3 together would in therory triple the output. In reallity it depends on the actual wind conditions on each turbine.

  4. I have the Air-X connected to batteries and a 1500w inverter. The inverter converts the 12VDC to 110VAC.

  5. but hey that thing produces it in 12V or 24v or 48V
    u need 110 or 120V to even switch a lightbulb on it!
    im so confused.. i checked forms about it
    400 wats
    12/24/48 volts thats 33,4 amps or 16,..amps or 8,.. amps, but everywhere it said ‘lightbulb’ of 110 volts, those turbines are not 110volts! that means the lightbulbs wont go on that thing! right?
    ugh i give up,to complicated..
    should i look at the amps?
    a lightbulb is less than an amp and that thing can produce of 30 amps at 12 volt?..

  6. what if you have 3, and you bind em together?
    would that power anything? like.. all the lights in ur household, OR the teaboiler and radio or cd player and blender and so on..? whould it still be 4-6 amps or would it be triple that? i find those terms so confusing..
    i just know my laptop need something like 18 or 19 volt to work, nothing above or below
    what would 3 of those turbines cut off your energy bill btw? if u used most of its produced electricity, how much money would u save out?

  7. NormanMcGregor

    I have 2 installed, one in the city on a residential lot and one in the country on a hill in the wide open. The one in the country with nice constant wind, runs almost continually and generates a lot of power, powering two submersiable water pumps all day long. The one on the city, which has inconsistant and very turbulant wind generates very little compared to the other. Two identical turbines, in very different locations will generate very different energy outputs. Going Green is Good!

  8. cool are they a good turbine? i brought one after hearing good things about them ,then heard nightmare storys about them, low output ,breaking down all the time.i havnt put it up yet still to find out what the city council will say.

  9. NormanMcGregor

    Spring finally has arrived and I moved the anemometer closer to the hub, its now within 2 feet of the turbine and getting better wind speed readings.

  10. The average home needs about 5kw. At 4oow it produces only 8% of an average homes daily electrical needs.
    That’s why I prefer more powerful wind turbines.

  11. Thank you for your comments. I got the anemometer for Christmas and because of all the snow and cold weather, its as high as I could safely reach. Its within 8 feet of the wind turbine and it measures reasonabily close to the speed of the wind at the Turbine. I will be moving the anemometer higher when the weather warms up to get an even more accurate reading.

  12. Well presented video ! looks nice, might wanna mount the anemometer alittle higher to get a more accurate reading at the hub height

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