NAHB’s Green Building Program: Start here!

An introduction to the National Association of Home Builder’s National Green Building Program

5 thoughts on “NAHB’s Green Building Program: Start here!”

  1. @Capnkent1 The comment is valid. “Not Green” is as follows… OSB; MDF; Foam funiture; spray foam insulation; Low VOC anything; CFL bulbs; laminate flooring (espcially bamboo and cork); tar shingles (and cedar in my climate zone); and list goes on. Educate yourself mate, I don’t have the time…or buy the BS the GBC and NAHB are selling.

  2. @MrPlanet00001 What are you talking about? Are you a angry little troll? Do you understand the program?

  3. Hello , Liked the video. On Earth Day I won a green design contest for my home energy system the RoofMill. Have a look at my home wind turbine videos of installing and running Hybrid Energy Systems. Friends and Subscribers Wanted. Later ,
    Peace, Sam

  4. FirestormDigital

    This is a good introduction to the NAHB National Green Building Standard. This single-family residential green building standard provides builders and homeowners valuable and user-friendly tools to help them create greener, more sustainable, and healthier living environments.

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