Off Grid Renewable Energy Solar Wind Setup Part1

We have 2 Evergreen Solar panels 180 watts each, Tristar 60Amp Controller, 2, 400 watt Air-x wind generators, about 8 marine deep cycle batteries from walmart now. A 250A DC breakerbox from Midnight Solar, Xantrex DR-2412 2400Watt Inverter, and a Reliance transfer switch. So far the system has cost about 00 with everything overbuilt to be upgradeable with more solar panels as soon as we get some more funding! More videos soon lots has changed since winter has set in.

25 thoughts on “Off Grid Renewable Energy Solar Wind Setup Part1”

  1. Can you run your wind gen and solar at the same time with the morning star charge controller? Thanks

  2. So I know nothing about alternative energy sources, say I had 4x 1000 watt lights running basically 24/7 how many solar panels would i need to run that?

  3. At 3:16 you are talking about the tristar ts60. im looking at doing the same set up. but (4) 100 watt duponts, (1) 400 watt air x. I realize the charge controller is the “heart” of the system but we cant afford $600 bucks for an mppt outback or xantrex. I like the ts 60…can you run your wind gen, and the solar system at the same time through he ts 60…thanks

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  5. Nice set up. However I would argue that building the panels yourself is the best alternative for those who have the skills and not the cash. Since 2007 you can now buy great panels at $1.5-$2 per watt. Great video though.

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  8. it looks like you have about 9ampz are you sure its 7 ? an is your charge controller set to 12,24 or 48

  9. what is the wattage of that inverter and how much did it set you back. Ilike to get a gride power inverter so I can also sell power back to the power company like my excess yet also power the home if I lose power and want to build one that will grow with me like how you are doing untile I’m completly off the gird and then my grid will be my back up. if you know what I mean.


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  11. To ANYONE Watching these: If this guy is NOT a licensed electrician AND his mortgage bank found out about his handiwork (highly probable in Jamestown!) he would immediately lose his homeowner’s insurance, which is REQUIRED for the bank to keep funding the loan. Unless this house is fully paid for, he doesn’t actually OWN it as far as a bank is concerned! THINK BEFORE YOU DO THESE CRAZY-ASS THINGS!

  12. “Affordable Solar, I highly recommend”…. OH BROTHER! $800/180watts = $4.44/watt! Sun panels are now $1.98/watt and you buy them in JANUARY for even less than that! $100 for shipping: You got banged by $33 on that too!

  13. A good system but too complicated and expensive for the average homeowner I believe.

    Visit solar cabin for small use wind power and solar power ideas!

  14. Hey, you’re helping GAIA! What the HELL is that? Help a real person, “GAIA” couldn’t give a rat’s fart about humanity! God, that is the wackiest most stupid statement. What is it with you HIPPIES and “saving the planet” but God forbid if an old lady needs help carrying her groceries, right! FUCK the planet, get involved with educating KIDS and getting the HOOKERS off of Craigslist! This is all about isolating yourself and it’s actually WRONG from any spiritual “angle” you wanna view it from!

  15. North Dakota: the most MISERABLE environment man is stupid enough NOT to leave. Unless of course he gets his girl knocked up in high school and is now in Iraq or Afghanistan. The outlay for this shit is MORE than the house will ever be worth! -40 at night with wind, think!!!

  16. Think of the energy saved if they’d started the project in Spring instead of the 1st October!
    If he sustained and Eco footprint of zero for the rest of his life Mr Stroud would never offset the energy used the overuse of materials and machinery.
    How much sense does it make to have to insulate more external wall surfaces by having having multiple buildings!
    The people growing the weed were probably doing more for Gaia!

    I checked the Survivorman…and commented on part1 ..sorry Les.

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