Excuse the poor attempt at acting:-) I was simulating several videos all at once. If you truly have developed a free energy machine using magnets and a CPU fan, please send it to me in a non-ticking box and I will be happy to correct myself:-) I have yet to see any magnetic engine that spins on its own. Never seen or heard of anyone successfully producing an electrical generator that runs on nothing.

23 thoughts on “Ordinary guy discovers FREE ENERGY of SPINNING ELECTRICAL SECRET CPU FAN”

  1. I love the parody!!! Or is it Expose’ I wonder how many people missed the joke at 2:47 about “every other blade.” SPOILER: there is an odd number of blades so if you put a sticker on every other blade all around, you will eventually get a sticker on every blade anyways… LOL!!!
    P.S. Gotta love the viewers that didn’t watch until the end and then criticized the Video for being fake…

  2. I hate what your doing in this video. But most will accept a bs video;) send me $1 and I’ll send you plans for long term energy needs. I needed a good laugh. Sparkles might get in your eyes.

  3. Well done, Grasshopper. It’s important to expose the hoaxes and in many cases money grabbing scams. Keep up the good work.


  4. Dan good stuff , because you’ve given me an idea from this . The fans , some of them when spinned create electricity , so a heat updraft tube with fans inside along the tube could give a few volts .

  5. I can confirm I replicated this and it works. (I used Teenage mutant ninja turtles stickers) but with a bit of adjustment it worrked. Amazing Thanks Dan

  6. At first i was thinking that Dan has hit his head to hard at some point, and that from now on he’d be dressing him self in tin foil, any many sparkly stickers. Good one dude, love the sound effects.

  7. actually , not to be a smartass, I was thinking of the sun. we just don’t use it properly yet. it “medaforicly” would be the big fan and solar converters like dan talks about could power all our needs.

  8. you have to superglue house-flys to the ends of the fan blades!!!!! If you’re working on a bigger turbine, you need to tie pegions to the blades.

  9. I know… I was being sarcastic.

    Source of wind = wind.

    Giant computer fans = wind turbines.

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