Organic Pregnancy Class- Online cartoon style class to teach you how to have a healthy pregnancy

FREE FULL VIDEOS AT Organic Pregnancy Class- there is more to a healthy pregnancy that you may think! If you are pregnant, you probably know to avoid certain fish, alcohol and smoke, but what about what is in your lotions, water, food, perfume, and home? Did you know that everyday chemicals in these items have been linked to birth defects, miscarriage, ADD, infertility, cancer, hormone and thyroid problems and other diseases and disorders. It is important to avoid these chemicals wherever you can, however most women have no idea that they need to…or how! We will teach you in an AZ class everything you need to know to have a healthy pregnancy! You don’t have to search the internet for days on end and read tons of research anymore! An organic pregnancy is right at your fingertips for the health of you and your baby!

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