patagonia Is Your Shirt Organic? The Clothing Industry Goes Green?

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Case Overview
This case explores a trend in the clothing industry toward utilizing more organic fabrics. Long a
major polluter, clothing companies are realizing the importance and profitability of going organic.
It explores public resistance to organic clothing—including popular perceptions that organic
cannot be fashionable. It also examines the eco-friendly success story of Patagonia. While
reviews are mixed, there is no mistaking the green trend in the clothing industry, with increased
revenues every year and more organic fabrics available.
Questions for Discussion
1) What is driving the transition to more eco-friendly clothing?
2) What are the advantages of switching to environmentally friendly clothing production
3) What are the challenges faced by the fashion industry when making this switch?

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  1. It could possibly be the realization of people towards the deteriorating environment. Eco-friendly clothing could be one of the many ways to save the mother nature which eventually protects and preserves the habitat of the animals. These environmental friendly clothings are part of making our world a better place to live in for both of our generation and generations to come.

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