Researcher Makes Solar Energy Breakthrough

An Israeli Researcher Has Come Up With Affordable Solar Energy Technology Chan And in the midst of Israel’s Negev desert, a researcher is building an affordable solar energy system. Our Israeli correspondent went to meet him. Professor David Faiman is a dedicated solar energy researcher. He has invented an affordable energy collecting system. The size of the photovoltaic cells are two thousand times smaller than the conventional systems. The sun rays are collected from a glass dish onto the cells. [Prof. David Faiman, Solar Energy Researcher]: “If a single cell, just 4 inches by 4 inches is to provide electricity, then the main cost for the system is the dish itself, and since the dishes are made out of metal and glass, which are conventional materials, in terms of dollars per volt it’s a lot cheaper than conventional photo voltaic.” In theory, this is a technological breakthrough. It is cheaper than coal-fired, nuclear or even hydro-electric plants. Another benefit is that it’s use and production creates no pollution. The dishes used for the research are 200 square meters, but Prof. Faiman explained that the size can be reduced for domestic use. “You can place it in the garden of your house or possibly on the roof, if it is a flat roof. And that would provide most of the energy requirements for a conventional household.” Prof. Faiman shares with us his hopes for the future generations. [Prof. David Faiman, Solar Energy Researcher]: “I hope that the situation with my

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  1. TheSolar2010
    Every home on the planet should use this if and when scaled down and can afford it…

  2. I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena violating the law of energy conservation. I am looking for $30000 for a prototype and for $3M for patents. In mass production it will cost $1200 to make a 15 kW generator, value of energy produced YEARLY about $10000.
    H. Tomasz Grzybowski
    tel. +48-512-933-540

  3. I am skeptical because when we gather light we gather heat also and it translates few thousand degree heat more than enough to melt down silicon cells unless we have some cooling mechanism

  4. In answer to the question about snow on the roof:
    There would have to be storage batteries for the electricity to be accessed in the dark, etc. anyway.
    I’m thinking the roof should be made of a material that would facilitate the melt of snow. It, along with rain would be stored in cisterns to supply water in the manner of Michael Reynolds’ Earthship design. According to Michael Reynolds, most climates could supply enough light for power and water for domestic use.

  5. Good idea, but do it with a fluid spring setup, similar to how a watch mainspring operates.

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  10. Sure one or those on your house would look brilliant. Why doesn’t anyone make solar tiles or shingles and make roofs out of them? Seems to me it would be much more attractive and easy to do?

  11. There is a parabolic system that sounds similar to this in the works. It takes the extremely hot solar heated air to drive a microturbine. The solar company is HelioFocus and the microturbine maker they have a contract with is Capstone Turbine.

  12. If you focus all that energy on a space a few centimeters square, how does the Solar Cell withstand the temperatures? Also, how can you get kilowatts from such a small cell? Something very strange is happening and the Video did not tell how it works under those extreme conditions. But, thank-you anyway! Any alternative energy information is good to hear about! : )

  13. Solar Sphere Panels,used on cars or in space: Energy to move the dishes all day to get the right angle focus on a car, Half the energy is used trying to move all the dishes all the time. Sphere Solar panels on say a truck more aero dynamic for traveling(compared to dish).Nasa space telescopes that have sphere shaped panels because to much energy to move a dish in space. Plus a dish must recharge its battery for dish motion.Battery last 10 years.Sphere solar panels don’t need to move for sun

  14. I was thinking similarly also of lifting the backyard, with the actuators under the ground. Possibly giant metal springs could be used instead of gravity, to counter the hydraulic actuators movement.

  15. ^ Excellent idea!
    Only problem that could give is that the ground should be solid enough to carry the construction.
    One could also lift (part of the) the house itself.

    Buffering is the only problem to solve.
    One could also think of storing in thermo, chemical, pressure etc. etc.

  16. I think using the Sahara as electricity plant for Europe is not wise, cos it would mean long distant transportation of electricity. This makes the power grid less reliable.

    And solar energy doesn’t require a lot of space, I read somewhere that if 20% of all the roofs are covered it is enough to supply the entire use of electricity..

    For my country (The Netherlands) windmills are more effective then solar based solutions.

  17. Here is a way that a residential house could effectively store solar energy during the five hours of good sunshine, to last for the full twenty-four hours. Use a hydraulic elevator system lifting a very heavy weight, where the energy is stored by the gravity of the weight. When the sun goes down,or when more power is needed during the five hours of good sunshine, the very heavy weight movement is reversed and the hydraulics is used to generate power.

  18. When can I buy one, nows a good time given gas is going to go HIGHER and I can barely afford it now (forget later) I’ll be living in a tent soon

  19. mmn yeah. but then again, Africa can sell the energy to Europe.

    Does anyone really live in the Sahara now? could that even work w/ wildlife? The wildabeat will trample the solar towers just like they did to Mufasa.

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