Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Homemade Solar Panels

Make homemade solar panels to save on cost. Learn about saving energy in your home with natural or solar power in this free video. Expert: Peter Bonenberger Contact: Bio: Peter Bonenberger and his wife founded a non-profit organization called the Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation. They have members from all over the country and Europe as well. Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan

24 thoughts on “Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Homemade Solar Panels”

  1. take those panels and put them in the basement.first you take a parabolic solar concentrator and put an robotic arm on it to follow the suns path.then make the focal point a mirrored shape cone that will send the light down through mirrored glass tubing straight into a mirrored shape glass box inside the mirrored shape box will be several solar panels that spin to keep them cool the mirrored box must have the mirrors inward to reflect the light sending from the parabolic focal point.ken van horn

  2. SPCsustainability

    Check out this VERY funny 3 minute energy savings video, add the following after the YouTube URL:

  3. SPCsustainability

    Check out this VERY funny 3 minute energy savings video, add the following after the YouTube URL:

  4. Nice one. I thought you have to be an expert in soldering before you can assemble that solar panel. Now I can start assembling my by solar cells. You have explain it well how it work and the connection as well. Next time, it would better if you can do a video actually doing the soldering 🙂

    Thumbs up for you!

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  7. these things will end up being scourge of humanity .if you think oil is bad research what they are made of and ask yourself if you really want all that toxic substance around ///think plastic bottles are bad /////wait till they start to pile up not to mention the highly toxic byproduct of production
    do the math

  8. @vstatv I want solar for my home in FL-I guess I’m thinking similiar weather and, for all I know, you’re thinking something completely diffrent, but wood preciate any help wattsoever

  9. cloudburstlenepmhq

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  10. @thebluebunny1 It’s not about if we have the money.. it’s about if we have the resources. zeitgeist.

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  12. I build some solar panels but its not giving enought power. When I checked them under the sun each of them showed 20 volts and 5 amps each. But when I connected them to my grid tie inverter my Kill A Watt Meter showed only 30 watts each. I know Im getting the same output just like everybody else. Is there something wrong with my panels? You are the expert can you tell me what to do to make my solar panels productive? Thank you so much and I like you videos.

  13. the problem with some of this power is not all can afford it and the ones who need it cant gain access to it

  14. Where did you get your 1,5 V solar panel scrap pieces ? … and how much did they cost each ?

  15. @SolarPanelsmake your jocking ? are you they take your videos why playboy or wat

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