Should I paint my home green or brown with an off white trim and garage door?

I love the green- it is sage but dark. But it is a recent consideration. I love browns, they make me feel calm and earthy. What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Should I paint my home green or brown with an off white trim and garage door?”

  1. queen_delishus

    i say the brown, it is much more warmer and neutral. a brown house looks nice with a red door and red roses

  2. That sounds nice and woodsy. Go for it.
    Oh wait, I thought you were saying green with brown trim and then an off white garage door. I think the green and brown would go nice together if you were to rule out the off white. Either one will look good but I am a fan of green.

  3. I think they both would look fine with the off white but I would go for something different so I would pick green.

  4. I think over the long haul, green is the easiest color to live with. I think I would probably pain the garage door the off-white. Happy painting!

  5. Brown is a more neutral tone and will help you when it comes to resale value. Also, you say it already makes you feel calm and earthy, so it’s a better bet than choosing a color you are unfamiliar with. Green is nice, but it is also common. As for trim, you should choose some far out color, not off-white. Then again, you could have the best of both worlds by painting the house green and having brown trim!

  6. I would go with the green. Sage is a very in color and I think you will be pleased with it longer.

  7. Yes, u may have to live with it but go with the green. Off white trim, use the green. Sage is nice but u could use almost any shade of green without fail. U don’t have to go so bright as in neon or so dark as in Hunter (which is not bad, the Hunter Green) but somewhere in the middle. Get those paint choice cards and go home stand back with them and pick the one u like the most. Good Luck.

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