Should I sue the person that coined the phrase "green living"??

Green have always been my favorite color, even when I was little. Now I hate to even hear the word green because of the "green living" nazis. So should I sue the person that coined the phase for pain and suffering??
For those of you out there that are having trouble with sarcasim, this should be a great example why no one is listening to your enviro-babble.
You take yourselves WAY too serious and the earth will still be standing once you croak!!

9 thoughts on “Should I sue the person that coined the phrase "green living"??”

  1. No,

    Whoever invented the color Green gets first rights.

    Maybe they should be suing you for using it.

  2. sure, spend all of your "green" on attorneys fees and investigators to find and sue the person.

    That will help the cause!

    …. Moron

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