Smart Casual Office Summer Outfit Green Goddess ♡ Undercover filming!

Hey guys, I am a Personal Assistant in London and work in an office and I had a few minutes spare during the day so I did some secret filming to show you my outfit. If you have any questions about my outfit, please feel free to email me. Please don’t forget to comment, rate or subscribe if you enjoyed my clip.

8 thoughts on “Smart Casual Office Summer Outfit Green Goddess ♡ Undercover filming!”

  1. NishUnleashed23

    THANK YOU, I do have to be so sneaky, you cannot see on the camera but the office of full of people so I have to try and be super discreet and not get caught out! Nisha x

  2. NishUnleashed23

    Thank you for your continued support, I appreciate you taking the time to watch them, I really enjoy the secret undercover ones too, I feel so bad but it is so much fun! Nisha x

  3. NishUnleashed23

    Thank you, it is unusual, it totally freaks some people out cus they think it is a piercing through my finger. lol

  4. Love the green…i look forward to your videos they are so much fun especial these under cover ones it’s super creative!!

  5. very nice out fit nice when you stood up an took your jacket off an your black bra strap showing loved the green outfit..

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