Sohisticated Wetlook Leggings And Green Satin Babydoll Top

Hi and I hope you are well. I’m trying a different look here and hope you like it! Please view Rub album see my playlist and to buy see: Thank-you XOXO 🙂 (I haven’t worn the wetlook leggings very much but since most of the requests were wetlook…) I’ve had quite a lot of requests over last few weeks and I’ll try to do the ones I said I would as soon as I can, so long as the show itself works out 🙂 Love Ohroara XOXOXO Facebook:

19 thoughts on “Sohisticated Wetlook Leggings And Green Satin Babydoll Top”

  1. Hi and thank-you. No dares, but I do requests if I think it will be good 🙂

  2. My butt stays with me so if you keep watching my videos you are sure to see it sometime 🙂 XOXOXO

  3. uuuh very nice ass picture in the end. a shame we dont see it before 😉 thank you for the vid darling.

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