Solar “Death Ray” Melting a Saw Blade Steel with a 65″ Spot Fresnel Lens Obsidian This is our big sub -level 2 lens. I have one that is even stronger. The saw blade is solid steel. Total time through the blade was 3 minutes. All other melts were realtime.

21 thoughts on “Solar “Death Ray” Melting a Saw Blade Steel with a 65″ Spot Fresnel Lens Obsidian”

  1. If you could track it slow enough you could probably weld with this.

    (Love the disclaimer at the end!)

  2. You would think we could produce massive amounts of electricity from its incredible heat .even if the sun doesn’t shine all the time.

  3. Im no Liberal, but I am a Survivalist, and this is pretty darn awesome! I have zero interest in Promoting your Green Agenda but I thank you for your knowledge. Let me repeat this, I absolutely disagree with all the Green getting shoved down our throats, and the public is starting to revolt against this propaganda bs. Great Video tho!

  4. yes but he should use fiber optics to direct the light. that would be awesome.

  5. GREENPOWERSCIENCE I have a request/suggestion. The closest thing to human flesh is pig flesh (hence why apprentice tattoo artists practice on it) , do you think you could show us the damage this panel would inflict on human skin by focusing the beam on some nice fresh pig flesh? I’m so curious! Who else agrees? 🙂

  6. fascinating. I find colors at 2:40 artistically beautiful. Thanks for your good material

  7. You could like melt metal into tools and call them Sun forged tools. Like a solar foundry or something.

  8. What temperature did it reach?
    (I am sure you must have measured that).
    cheers, ~wiggy

  9. charronfamilyconnect

    Hey Dan, You can generate all the heat possible with your Fresnel lens but it can never complete with the hotness of Denise. LOL!! I meant that in good humor so don’t worry man I am not after your wife. I have my own hot Latina wife to take care of. Now I hope she doesnt read this comment otherwise I will get the frying pan across the head. Hay Caramba! We some lucky guys huh. hehe!

  10. charronfamilyconnect

    Hey Dan, Have you tried melting some prescious metals like gold and silver to form a new art creation? I can work on locating some great molds for you, and you just supply the metal and fresnel lens. hehe! But seriously man, I think you can make some wonderful gold and silver creations.

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