Solar Energy 101 | GCEP Symposium 2011

Michael McGehee discusses solar technology and photovoltaics. He is an Associate Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department and Director o…

4 thoughts on “Solar Energy 101 | GCEP Symposium 2011”

  1. Excellent overview of the state of Solar energy today – all the questions
    that normally are left unanswered when you have read an article are
    address, and then some, + very well communicated: what are the factors at
    play, how are they likely to impact us in general/ personally, TOP!

  2. #solar #science #technology #energy #lecture

    Watched this Stanford lecture last night on current and future solar energy
    technologies. It may interest a few of you to know more in depth about this
    growing solar power technology industry, plus this industry is needing
    professionals for this demand to move into our future thru its industry and

    Solar Energy 101 | GCEP Symposium 2011:

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