Solar Energy?

How much human energy is need to produced solar energy?
How much engery will solar power produced?
How much do we save from changing to solar power?
What are some benefit in changing to solar power?
How to install the panel?
Can solar energy provide enough energy for a whole school with the enrollment of 650 kids?
Is solar energy reliable?
How much will it cost to install the panels?
Do we need to have certified people install or check the panel?
Does it have any negative affect?
What happen if the solar panel fails?
Do we get reimbursed from the energy provider if we don’t use the energy?

3 thoughts on “Solar Energy?”

  1. I have been writting a blog or solar howto about how I built my home solar electric system and wired it from the panels all the way to a switcher box in the house. I now works as a battery back up or I can shut off the electric from the grid and it switches to the solar power. For full time solar power.

    I’ll be adding more to my solar info page with pictures on how to even build the battery box.

  2. How about asking just one question at a time?

    Just so you know, where (geographically) you want to make use of solar energy could make all the difference.

  3. Depends where you live, if your annual sunshine hours are high then you will save more than if you live at a latitude with less sunshine hours. Solar energy will not provide enough energy for a school, you would need a combination of both regular energy delivery to back up the solar power. I would use certified people, and for legal purposes it would most likely be required on school property. I hope your school decides to go for it because the long term benefits to the planet really do outweigh the big start up cost!

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