solar energy?

is it possible for a refrigerator to be powered by solar energy?
if possible, how big would the panel be or how much solar energy would it require?
can someone please give me info on how much energy would need to power how big of a refrigerator?
thanks alot!

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  1. Refrigerators run intermittently, so the peak power and average power differ significantly. Read the data plate on the refrigerator to see how much power it requires; typically, it will be a few hundred watts. As for solar cells, they go for about $10 a watt, so a solar plant capable of running your refrigerator will cost several thousand dollars. A solar plant will produce a maximum of 2 kWh of electricity per year per watt of installed capacity, which has a market value of about 25 cents; unless you can get a huge subsidy (which sometimes you can), you would do better leaving your money in the bank and just paying the power company.

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