Solar energy?

Solar energy can be attractive not only environmentally but also economically. If an electric clothers dryer has apower rating of 5000 watts and is used for 1 hour per day, how much money can be saved in a mouth by using the experimental backyard clothes assuming electricity costs 9 cents per kWh?

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  1. 5kw * 30*= 150 kw hours at end of the month….

    150 *.09 = $13.50 over month

    our ratings in Australia are about .125 so it would be $18.75 per month which is almost what we are paying per month to rent a washing machine……..

  2. An electric drier will only run at the full rated wattage for a few minutes at start up. The rest of the time it will be only heating up enough to keep the temp at the heat setting and blow air.

    1200 watts runs a hot plate for cooking red and if a clothing drier were to run at the full wattage all the time it would be a clothing burner not drier.

    So the math is not correct. It might cost you more like 25 cents an hour but I really don’t think that much. If it cost 45 cents per hour how would a public Landrymat ever make any money? At a dollar a load they could never make enough money in 30 days to pay rent let alone the utility bills.

  3. The answer is $13.50 a month, but if everybody did it the savings to the country would get very big in a very big hurry. Let’s say that 50 million households did this every month, that
    amounts to 675 million dollars, a month, which comes to 8.1
    billion a year, and that’s just one thing that uses electricity, combine that with all the other things that we use power for and what a difference just a little change in how we do things can make a big difference and bring large returns.

  4. Are you sugesting I use one of those old fashioned washing lines?

    Wouldn’t I ber a bad consumer by missing the opportunity to waste money and energy?

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