Solar Energy

Hank explains the power of solar energy and describes how it may fit into our diversified energy future. Follow SciShow on Twitter: Like SciShow on Facebook: TAGS: solar energy, solar power, desert, power, watt, watts, coal, fossil fuel, natural gas, oil, nuclear, tidal, hydroelectric, wind, biomass, photovoltaic, photoelectric effect, edmund becquerel, efficient, efficiency, international space station, polysilicon, silicon, n-type, p-type, distributed power, concentrating solar power, power plant, plant, turbine, concentrated photovoltaic, CPV, gigawatt, hydrogen fuel cell, feasible, feasibility, law of conservation of energy, climate change, global warming, carbon, emissions, electric, electricity, scishow, science, infusion, hank green

25 thoughts on “Solar Energy”

  1. badgermushroomsnaake

    @phantom27 Nope. I’m a sophomore in High school and I am completely entertained the whole time. I’m sure it runs long for some people, but I’m very interesting in solar power and have previous knowledge, so I understood.´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. Yay! More Scishow! Thanks for putting out so many so soon, I always´╗┐ feel smarter when I watch them!

  3. @mrscrufflemuffin Yeah, I might be underestimating the brain power of´╗┐ nerdfighteria, too.

  4. mrscrufflemuffin

    @phantom27 Well, I’m a 7th grader, and I understand this. Though what your saying is a valid point: I’m not a “normal” 7th´╗┐ grader. I look up neutrinos and higgs boson particles for fun.

  5. I think the more episodes we’re getting the more´╗┐ Hank seems to be getting into his stride with things. Keep it going Hank, this one was the best yet.

  6. I really like these videos, but I feel like Hank teaches at a level higher than the target audience. I’m in college, and so a lot of these videos contain information I already know; however, it appears to me that´╗┐ if I were, say, a teenager in high school, some of this material would be completely over my head (especially the video on non-newtonian fluids). Especially when videos run long, I think their attention span might run out.

  7. Very interesting.´╗┐ I appreciate the research and effort that went into making this. Thank you.

  8. The Curies were another scientific dynasty. Marie got two Nobels, Pierre one, their daughter got one with her´╗┐ husband, and their granddaughter was also a scientist.

  9. I’m hoping you’re not pushing electrons into my house. That would make my house negative, and that ain’t´╗┐ no good.

  10. I’m sorry but you are not talking nearly fast enough. I’m used to like 100 mph on vlogbrothers and now its like 20´╗┐ mph and my brain is very confused now.

  11. I love all the videos you make on this channel. Thank you for making them and posting them. I do appreciate that you speak at a´╗┐ normal pace in this one.

  12. uhhhhh there is something wrong with the audio video´╗┐ syncing or something? or I’m just crazy

  13. FrancisHMacomber

    @pwed546 1 watt = 1 joule per second; it’s´╗┐ a unit of energy. Take 1 watt and multiply it by 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). You now have a gigawatt.

  14. The only key distinction that I feel should be made between the cost effectiveness of Solar Panels vs Fosil Fuels is that while Solar energy is expensive, it’s only expense is the start up cost. To keep it running is almost free. While Fossil Fuel you have to keep drilling,´╗┐ keep mining and it is a never ending pit to throw money into. Same with natural gas.
    So short term, its WAY more expensive, long term, no contest.
    /Economics+ Economy! : D

  15. FrancisHMacomber

    Would it be possible to do something´╗┐ similar to what Norway does for heating/cooling? They take heat from the summer for their homes in the winter and cold from the winter to cool their homes in the summer. If we could find a way to store solar energy, we could do something similar for night.

  16. Hank, can you do´╗┐ a video on magnetic therapy for malaria? Also known as magnetic purification of malaria parasites? Please?

  17. i learned alot! i love the longer episodes. dont be afraid to´╗┐ go too in depth. maybe make an interactive version where u can click an annotation in the “contents” section. just like a book. but video version of hank and his awesome beard.

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