Solar Energy Breakthrough

Michael Fulton, a NASA contractor scientist who co-built new solar power systems in space is engineering solar power breakthroughs on earth.

13 thoughts on “Solar Energy Breakthrough”

  1. Umm – he states in this video that his invention has carbon footprint of 95% of current technology not 95% lower. sound bite at 2.45min

  2. Talk about low carbon footprint? What about the HUGE industrial waste footprint producing these miserly efficiency contraptions?!!

    Produce clean plants for food, NOT electrical energy from solar energy. Photosynthesis is highly efficient, clean, and little-understood and utilized today!

  3. @1888junkteam Exactly!!! This is freedom. And it is the only hope of humanity to survive if a bad day comes and we have a cataclysme like that of 10,000 B.C. or the… 2012 (the movie of course! haha!)

  4. Yes, Solar power is 4 times more expensive. But when the time comes petrol will be 100 times more expensive. And it is not far in the future, you will probably live to see it, and your kids will be young enough to have families with kids and babies… and it will be nasty, really nasty… you are not able to imagine….

    Keep spending money on such schemes…

  5. there is no breakthrough
    solar energy is still
    4 times higher
    We are sick of spending money on schemes.

  6. Depends how much the panels cost.

    Of course if they’re cheap enough that you don’t need to mount them on a suntracker, then they’re probably fake or the company is going bust soon.

  7. sphere shaped solar panels are for less space involved. not really concerned for a side one or two more panels that get only half sun rays, it is still better than wasting electricity to turn each and every solar panel to get a days worth of sun rays; Maybe the back part will be a waste in a ball shaped solar panel, but the project is for mainly for cars so any direction the car goes panels of the sphere will be exposed to the sun.

  8. … which is a total waste of money for all those panels sitting in the shade doing nothing….FAIL

  9. no…the grid is usefulll…. the largest capilary parts could be reduced to high frequency power,(non polyphase) but for distance and balancing loads the grid is actually quite useful.

  10. Ball Sphere solar panels :capture and allow for more direct surface area panel exposed for sun light to penetrate unto. Light rays can hit all day with no need for moving panels around for better direct focus of light. Maximum light surface area on a solar sphere of solar panels are just more productive.

  11. it would be awesome someday to get rid of the grid system completely and make all home self sufficient in terms of electrical output

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