Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal

Solar energy produced by International Automated Systems, Inc. is now a practical alternative to coal. A revolutionary bladeless turbine enables new solar pods to produce solar power at a lower cost than coal, and free of emissions. Green energy has arrived! Utah’s Neldon Johnson has constructed a working prototype in Salem Utah, and full production is soon to begin. Stock Symbol: IAUS.

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  1. I think the real “renewable” long term energy solution is to harness all the land in suburbia. For instance a “mini” version of one of these about 8-10 feet, and a mini wind turbine also about 8-10 feet in everybody’s back yard or on the back of their roofs. Each house could then produce about as much energy as it would consume. We have miles of suburbs out there. I have an half acre back yard, just sitting there that has wind and sun all day long. Just imagine halfing the money with the owner.

  2. IAS has just announced the construction of their first solar energy plant to be constructed in Needles, California. You can read the news story by searching the stock symbol IAUS and reading the news bulliten. Good news for the company, the economy, and for the environment.

  3. If solar enery panels could shade the desert earth instead of burning it then maybe they could grow something under them.

  4. A google search of “elevator return energy”, found that modern elevator systems in tall buildings do have special drive mechanisms that generates return energy when the elevator is going down. Thus, the complete needed technology for storing residential solar energy in a special heavy-concrete-weighted energy storage elevator is already available. The “overall energy” use for tall building elevators is very small ( just the cost of resistance and inefficiency ).

  5. The first full scale working prototype should be up and running in the next couple of months. Each tower will produce 50 Kilowatts. Approximately 20 towers can be erected on 1 acre of land. Roughly 1 Megawatt can be produced for every acre of land!- All cheaper than coal. This is really cool!

  6. Here’a another video that explains how and why this concept is so simple and effective for creating electricity. This is a huge breakthrough.
    Search for video uJGpbvvJA2I

  7. So basically these are giant fresnel lenses that heat up water and then use the steam to drive a generator. What a simple but awesome concept. I’ve seen this done before on a small scale and it works great. Seach for video ud8JZLgNFHE here on youtube. It totally works. Sweet. It’s about time a company did this on a large scale. This could be huge!

  8. the water is steamed in an intern circle like in all other powerplants as well…
    no water need to be cleand!

  9. the water is heated up in an intern circle. there is no contamination of other water…

  10. ReisendeEuropa

    at 0:32 he mentions the steam turbines… how is the water recovered and recirculated? i would love to see more info on how these differ(other than size) from the older mirror and tower arrays

  11. In answer to Coachkool1: Yes, I have gotten that question a lot. You can buy the stock through any broker or discount broker such as Scottrade or Etrade. Symbol: IAUS. It is cheap right now. Probably won’t be for long. I hear the company is really close to completing their initial project. 1-3 months probably. I bought some.

  12. Very Interesting! I hope it takes off, this could be what we have been waiting for. An energy source that meets the need to be clean and also meets the energy needs of our nation. A great start thats for sure!!

  13. To answer teleski82’s question, the sun’s rays are focued and magnified to super-heat molten salt, which in turn powers the bladeless jet steam turbine. This results in dramatically more energy production than any prior solar technology has been able to achieve.

  14. Something they don’t address is what the solar towers are actually heating up to spin the generators. A similar technique is used with mirrors, but they heat oil for the generater. Not to mention all the moving parts of the generater and the substance to used for the generater. Photovoltaic systems have no moving part, solar rays knock the electrons around to produce energy.

  15. What a cool and innovative concept. I checked and this company is called International Automated Systems Inc. Me likey.

  16. its the coming of relief, from expensive energy costs. once the expensive start up costs are paid, the costs diminish. this is
    the emancipation of the worlds struggle to
    get inexpensive energy. the world has
    lots of sunshine,and it is being wasted.
    in places that have no natural resources
    they have lots of sunshine,places that are islands,like hawaii & japan will be helped.
    places that have no electric can be helped

  17. So basically it’s cheap plastic solar concentrators. Well someone had to come up with something better than polished bronze for solar concentrators.

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