Solar energy- does anyone know of a DIY way to make a solar collector and transfer that energy to batteries?

I would like to learn about solar energy and how I can make some panels for my home, of course with in a reasonable budget. My goal is to be able to run a refrigerator and fan off of battery. Any ideas out there?

4 thoughts on “Solar energy- does anyone know of a DIY way to make a solar collector and transfer that energy to batteries?”

  1. Sorry I Disagree with lizette ‘s Answer, Sure You can SAVE money with D.I.Y Solar power products.

    As mentioned the magic is in doing it D.I.Y way and fortunately there are many cheap guides available fo this.

    Before you jump ahead do your research ( Yahoo is your best friend!!), Read articles, go to Wiki, do survey of location etc and then look for a product which guides you thr’s the process.

    if you need information about D.I.Y porduct reviews go here


    good luck and I’m sure you will bring down your electricity bill by 50% at least.

  2. Sorry, there isn’t a cheap way to do that today. Beware of scams that suggest you can power a whole house for less than $200. Solar can be cost effective in some applications, but it’s not the fantastic deal that these sites make it out to be. If it were, you’d see homemade panels and wind turbines all around the neighborhood.

  3. If your goal is to save money, it will be hard to do that with solar electricity. You can come out ahead under some circumstances, but powering a refrigerator and a fan is an unlikely one. However, if your goal is to learn about this kind of setup, you could get a kit from (say) Harbor Freight for a few hundred dollars, which will (barely) charge a car battery over a period of a couple weeks. The energy you collect could power a fan for several hours.

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