Solar Heat Furnace

Photoblog of this project This solar energy project received second place in the 2007 Bordeaux Energy Colloquium’s Annual Sustainable Energy Futures Casestudy Competition, an international competition for the most innovative renewable energy initiative. The project exceeded proof of concept. The furnace helped heat a 250sq ft room and did so quite well even in intermittent sunlight. It does not replace conventional home heating. While the results were impressive, I have chosen to wait another year before rebuilding it. Contact Although I appreciate the email messages, I cannot respond to all, and generally do not respond to questions about building techniques or materials (that’s what these photos are for). If you like my project, go out and build your own. If everyone did, we’d actually make a difference. This isn’t rocket science and I am no expert. I can not answer technical questions.

12 thoughts on “Solar Heat Furnace”

  1. if you really want to make something work here it is take a parabolic solar concentrator and send light into a mirrored cone shape focal point then send that light into mirrored glass tubing which will send the light into a mirrored box with solar panels in it the solar panels must be cooled by spinning or cooling get to work

  2. Nice to see this unit………a nice piece of debunking the science. I did find it a little odd that you talked about fan units to pull heat down from the upper panel, was that a due to your hole layout into the room? Why did you not let the heat run out through the top ? It may help to have a double glazed unit on the front , or one sheet plastic as a thermal break., and help keep the heat gained, retained. Regards Bob

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  6. JustAn0bserver

    What is your air temp that you are injecting into the room compared to the outside temperature?

    If you are making a good high temp, would it not be smarter to use the fans toblow the cool air into the box rather than heat the fans blowing the hot air out of the box?

    What size room are you trying to add heat and does it actually heat the room?

    How many days do you actually get heat production in a 30 day period.

    Thanks, good work


  7. it’s a popular internet lore, “beer can furnace” or “soda can furnace”

  8. Well isn’t that neat!! When I started watching this, the 1st thing I thought of was hey, wasn’t something like this on this season’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition? And sure enough you just said it was. Good luck with it. Very innovative.

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