Solar Power

This is how I protect our small pets during exceptionally cold days and nights in Winter. The heating consumes 16 W. During the Summer, or whenever I do not need to spend the energy for heating, I use this system to charge mobile phones, batteries, cameras etc. If you are interested to know how to setup such a system from scratch you might want to check out my other video:

3 thoughts on “Solar Power”

  1. Great system and idea! You can’t be too prepared for power outages. Plus you have to keep the pets warm. I’ve lost power in four floods, one tornado and an ice storm, lol!

  2. Population density in Switzerland is very high and the turbines are kind of unpopular. I really enjoy experimenting with alternative energy and having a backup system for situations with poweroutage is a plus also.

  3. Pretty cool, lol! In my neck of the woods, there’s a big push to install wind turbines. They’re going up all over the countryside.

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