Solar Tower Energy

This is the future project in Australia. It will be ready in 2012.

25 thoughts on “Solar Tower Energy”

  1. southernborn1860

    Is it 200MWh are what?
    I would use a large steel pipe braced on the inside by flat steel. Then sitting on rocker bearing to allow it to sway with the wind. Also guide wires would be an abosolute to lower construction costs and to help stabilize the overall structure.
    Basically all this would be is a tall radio tower on steroids.
    Great idea btw!

  2. Read about The Troll A platform. A concrete building like that is done in a single continuous pour. 1.5 km could be pushing it though, since all that concrete is pumped up if I remember correctly. That is a lot of energy. But it isn’t impossible or too expensive, just look at grain silos. Same tech.

  3. “The ancient Chinese had a name for it: Feng Shui. We call it energy flow. It is the same thing, the same thought: energy is everywhere, but only a fraction of it is tapped by humans for their purposes. Now the Progenitors have taught us that we can tap not only our own latent abilities, but the latent abilities of the Universe itself.”
    — Prophet Cha Dawn, “Planet Rising”

  4. 1000m for 200MW is definitely too much investment.
    People at the top of tower will start felling weightless.

  5. Letting the grown ups talk WTF? LMFAO!

    I have pimples on my ass older than you boy.

    Unless you use your teenage sons ‘punkrocker’ account you’re probably twelve.

    BTW: If you have to tell people you’re a punk rocker, ….you’re just a wannabe.

  6. @bucktheusa You’re awfully closed minded. This is an incredibly simple way to create up to 200 megawatts of electricity. It will give us both electricity, cleaner air, and farmland. Get a clue.

  7. chadisapunkrocker


    Uh, it’s empty dude: it prolly weighs less than you think. And, if it creates 200 MW of clean energy, then it is VERY practical.

    We will harness a sort of cable from the moon: gravity. Tidal power is on its way. If you have nothing positive to contribute, I suggest stepping aside and letting the grown-ups talk in private.

  8. @Slappingplastic
    it is achievable, burj dubai (hope spelling is correct) is a skyscraper a little higher than 1km. My concerns are about efficency

  9. 200 MW of output for a monumental “OZ” icon like this? You got to be kinding. You must be a labor party member.

  10. @gokugold14 No. Our labor government has wasted too much money for things like that.

  11. 1 km high, is that even achievable? I’m no engineer but unless that thing is a whoooooooole lot wider than it appears is that very likely?

  12. Great video…I converted my home to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no oil or gas…I made a video about it called, “Preparing for Peak Oil”….

  13. @86dostor I thought the same thing but apparently its synergy, which means that one large structure would be far greater then lots of small ones combined beacuse of something to do with greater air pressure the higher the tower is.

  14. Good Job!! My physics teacher told me that australians will do something similar in 2012!! Massive!

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