Sources for the benefits (economic and social) of wind and solar energy?

I’m writing a paper on the benefits of wind and solar energy, in both an economic and social context. Though I appreciate your personal opinion on its benefits, I would REALLY appreciate some possible sources to give me a start on the paper. Please keep in mind that I am not looking for a political discussion or opinions, this is for a graduate-level paper and I am to only write about the benefits of wind and solar energy – so sharing your personal beliefs about the negative effects of alternative energy does not interest me or anyone else and they will be ignored.

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  1. Benefits of Wind Power

    Cup wind anemometer for measuring wind speed. (NREL photo)A wind energy system can provide a cushion against electric power price increases. Wind energy systems help reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels; and they are nonpolluting. If you live in a remote location, a small wind energy system could help you avoid the high costs of having utility power lines extended to your site.

    Although wind energy systems involve a significant initial investment, they can be competitive with conventional energy sources when you account for a lifetime of reduced or altogether avoided utility costs. The length of the payback period – the time before the savings resulting from your system equal the cost of the system itself – depends on the system you choose, the wind resource on your site, electricity costs in your area, and how you use your wind system.
    Solar energy – please see this link.

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