Space solar energy alternative to hydrocarbon and nuclear?

What are the ups and downs of hydrocarbon, nuclear and space solar based energy? Hydrocarbon power is expensive, pollutive and has many geopolitical chokepoints. With nuclear energy there is always a small chance for a global disaster. The best alternative is renewable energy, especially space solar energy. In space there are no clouds in space, there is no day and night cycle and there is plenty of room. By placing solar collectors above the atmosphere, it will be at least 14 times more effective then land based solar collectors. Afterwards the energy can be send to earth in form of microwave radiation and converted to electricity. The technology for space based energy already exists.

7 thoughts on “Space solar energy alternative to hydrocarbon and nuclear?”

  1. i think this is going to happen soon cause the oil on earth is expected to be fanicest about 40 years.

  2. Interesting, I never knew about this. I never even thought about it…
    Anyway it does seem very expensive and something that will take years to materialize. Sooner or later however we will run out of oil and gas, and we all know that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. I think that once there aren’t any options left, something will be done.

  3. good idea, buts sounds very expensive; probably not for the immediate future but definately as you said something that could evolve in the coming decades. I still think that the world should not give up on nucleur power, yes I think we have learnt that it is probably not best to build them on earthquake prone regions such as Japan and Chile but they’ve done alright in Europe and America, I just think that for the time being we need nucleur power b4 we can rely soely on renewable energy

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