St. Patrick's Day tradition: Wearing green clothing?

Does anybody remember the old elementary-middle-high school/college tradition that every ST. Pat’s Day, when you come to school NOT wearing green clothing(even underwear and socks!), you get PINCHED in the behind?…

Is this still going on today?…just curious…

7 thoughts on “St. Patrick's Day tradition: Wearing green clothing?”

  1. who the hell touches each other’s butt anyemor? no one
    thats who
    i mean, poeple are like hi kenny
    but they dont touch my b utt

  2. theyucaipan92399

    You too, Baldwin?

    My teen son wore his custom-dyed Levi’s 501s(green, of course!), but he got pinched anyway by a Jona$Freak, for being "disrespectful" to the JoBros!…

    His green underwear, OTOH, is unfortunately limited to a cheap pair of boxers, that he finally threw out this afternoon after being teased at school for having the "Lucky Charms" leprechaun on them!…he wore his FTLs underneath them, thank goodness!

    My daughter, OTOH, wore green lipstick and wig, trying to pass herself off as "Katy Perry-meets-Lady GaGa"…and got suspended for the rest of the week by a "old-school" principal!…

    Sorry, I never went through what you guys did back then…I wish I had!

    Thanks for asking…

  3. penguingymnist

    no not really. maybe in younger grades.

    the worst is that someone called someone else a party pooper.

  4. YIKES!

    I caught my teen son wearing his green Hanes boxer-briefs today, but luckily, he wasn’t pinched!…it was a near-heat wave here in L.A. today, so I’m surprised he didn’t wear his green Speedos!

    My daughter, OTOH, refused to wear her dark green Jona$ Brothers T-shirt(her grandmother gave it to her on 12-25-08, thinking she was a Jona$Freak), and actually burned it in the fireplace(good girl!)!…

    At least I own a green(as in British racing Green) Land Rover(three years old, but so what!)…

    Happy St. Pat’s Day, folks!

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