'Green Living' a trend?

I love finding new ways to help the environment. Whether offsetting my own personal carbon footprint, spreading the word on global warming, or trying to convince people that living ‘Green’ is cheap & easy to do, I always enjoy it.

However, I’m starting to fear that the current climate crisis solutions are becoming, almost a fad. I watch so many commercials, and see so many advertisements that aren’t showing or telling us how to rethink our entire way of life, which is truly what green living is. Our world is in the envrionmental state it’s in from not living green in our everyday lives as a society from day one. You dont make temporary solutions to a permanent problem. People need to understand that we ARE the solution to a problem WE created. Once we do that, environmental sustainability will be accomplished. What are your thoughts?
Hey Bohemian bia, I am actually 21

'Green Living' a trend?