Fox News Hates Solar Power?

150+ Fox News Bias videos at Fox News reporter Laura Ingle’s story about a New Jersey power company’s installation of 200000 solar panels on utility polls heavily concentrated on the views of critics, even talking to local critics while ignoring twice as many local residents gathered who supported solar panels, to falsely frame the issue as the people vs the power company and state mandates, as I show in this video. The clips I show of Laura Ingle, the residents of Dumont, NJ, and Paul Rosengren of Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) come from a longer segment of Fox News’ June 8, 2011, broadcast of “Happening Now” which is available online at The image I use of my previous video titled “Fox News Hates Trains?” comes from the YouTube video player page at The image I use of the PSE&G’s FAQs on solar panels comes from

Fox News Hates Solar Power?