Researcher Makes Solar Energy Breakthrough

An Israeli Researcher Has Come Up With Affordable Solar Energy Technology Chan And in the midst of Israel’s Negev desert, a researcher is building an affordable solar energy system. Our Israeli correspondent went to meet him. Professor David Faiman is a dedicated solar energy researcher. He has invented an affordable energy collecting system. The size of the photovoltaic cells are two thousand times smaller than the conventional systems. The sun rays are collected from a glass dish onto the cells. [Prof. David Faiman, Solar Energy Researcher]: “If a single cell, just 4 inches by 4 inches is to provide electricity, then the main cost for the system is the dish itself, and since the dishes are made out of metal and glass, which are conventional materials, in terms of dollars per volt it’s a lot cheaper than conventional photo voltaic.” In theory, this is a technological breakthrough. It is cheaper than coal-fired, nuclear or even hydro-electric plants. Another benefit is that it’s use and production creates no pollution. The dishes used for the research are 200 square meters, but Prof. Faiman explained that the size can be reduced for domestic use. “You can place it in the garden of your house or possibly on the roof, if it is a flat roof. And that would provide most of the energy requirements for a conventional household.” Prof. Faiman shares with us his hopes for the future generations. [Prof. David Faiman, Solar Energy Researcher]: “I hope that the situation with my

Researcher Makes Solar Energy Breakthrough