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If you think we’re paying too much for our electricity, brace yourself, there’s no end in sight to the rising cost of our power. The wholesale price of electricity will double from the current per megawatt hour to in 2012, and beyond that to 0 or even more by 2024.Your electricity bill is set to MORE THAN DOUBLE, but unlike the spiralling cost of fruit & veg in this country, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING about your ever-increasing power bill, whether you’re a domestic user or a business. GO SOLAR by having a SOLAR POWER SYSTEM installed, to significantly REDUCE your electricity bill, OR EVEN ELIMINATE IT ALTOGETHER !!! Watch this video, then give Cleaner-Energy, a local QLD business, a call on 1800-751-338 today. Footnote: The wholesale price makes up less than half of the final bill that reaches each customer, who also pays distribution costs. My speculation is that prices will rise beyond that for a few reasons, namely the Carbon Trading scheme and costs the power companies want to pass on to us as a result of re-construction costs of damaged electricity infrastructure during natural disasters.