Taylor Precision GH3 Green Living Walk-In Greenhouse

Click here for more details: www.amazon.com Taylor Precision GH3 Green Living Walk-In Greenhouse with Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer with Bonus Watering Station Taylor’s greenliving Walk-In greenhouse is the right size for the more serious hobby gardener. When assembled, it measures 47.2 inches wide by 74 inches long by 74 inches high. 5 shelves wrap around the sides providing ample space to start all your plants in the Spring, plus a home for the more mature plants that need a little assistance or special attention. The “stay put spikes” provided, keep your greenhouse stable and secure. Taylor also gives you a Bonus thermometer and hygrometer to help you keep your greenhouse at the right temperature and humidity as well as a watering station. The watering station includes a multi spray pattern nozzle, 11-1/2-foot coil hose with copper connectors and an organizer to hold it all right INSIDE your greenhouse. It is all you need for a self contained greenhouse.

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