The color Green is NOT used much in carpets, draperies clothing in Turkey?

Who knows why the Color Green is not popular in Turkey? Please tell me specifically and not as a joke. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “The color Green is NOT used much in carpets, draperies clothing in Turkey?”

  1. It is not true to say this is not a popular colour. Although there is a religious significance to the use of the colour green it is still used but very sparingly. This is because the dye is so expensive. When I wanted a turkish carpet made to a specific design I was told that it would be cheaper if I substituted a different colour for the green.

  2. You can’t say that green is not popular in Turkey.

    However, the color green has a special meaning in Islam.

    To step on something green is considered as not appropriate by extremely religious people.

    The color green is not used very often in Turkey because it’s not a traditional color for Turkish carpets. On Persian rugs you’ll find this color quite often.

  3. Turkey is 98% Muslim. Green is a Muslim color and in some regions you see green buses, window frames, etc. It has a religious significance, but I am not sure if and why it is not used in carpets.

  4. Green is used in Turkish carpets but is less common than reds and yellows, probably because of the dye source. There are many common plants that can produce warm colours but green requires a double dye of larkspur and indigo so is therefore more labour intensive. Sage can also produce a greenish tinge but not a strong green colour.

    "….the colours traditional to Turkish carpet production have survived till today. Red is dominant in Turkish carpets. This striking colour expresses wealth, joy and happiness. Green symbolises heaven; blue nobility and grandeur; yellow is believed to keep evil away, and black symbolises purification from worries."

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