What are possible positions (jobs) in solar energy?

I want to work in something that has to do with alternative energy sources such as solar energy hydroelectricity etc. To what type of program i would need to applay and what are the requirements?

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  1. Geology Rock Star

    You would need a degree is some sort of engineering field. Perhaps multiple degrees

  2. I’m just finishing a physics masters in CdTe solar cells. If I wanted to I could go into solar research from here, or get a job with a renewable energy company. A first class (or in some cases upper second) physics degree is sufficient in the UK.

    Particularly well paid jobs will generally require a degree. Physics for research and possibly for planning, engineering for designing installations and possibly planning. Mathematicians or other physical scientists may be able to get involved in the actual planning. Non-scientists may be able to get jobs in solar companies in marketing, human resources etc. Physics or electrical engineering would be my recommendation.

    If you don’t particularly want to go to university and/or you don’t particularly like maths, then many countries now run practical courses which teach you how to install solar systems in houses and you can get on one of those and be fully qualified to work in installing solar panels.

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