What are some tips on living a "green" life?

I would like to learn how to live a greener life…what are some tips for a 14 year old to live greener?

thanks! 🙂

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  1. greenisgoodbitch

    Here’s something simple to think about. Only 3-5% of plastic is recycled. Instead of just tossing this very commonly used material into the trash to further accumulate in landfills, recycle it. You can do the same with paper (think about how much paper material is thrown away throughout the school year…and if there’s any newspapers in your house, recycle those as well). And of course, recycling glass and other more "commonly" recycled items is important, though you shouldn’t stop there! Every little bit helps. =)

    Oh and don’t forget about re-usable bags. I use them for everything, even mall shopping. I don’t have to deal with all those extra plastic bags laying abound, and I never have to worry about bags breaking at the grocery store. Most importantly, way too much plastic ends up in our oceans and elsewhere. Good luck being green…..

  2. Well, I’m thirteen but I’ll help you out as much as I can. We’re close in age, right? I can relate, and it’s not easy for people our age to install solar panels and use better instillation, but there are some ideas that we can use to help out. I’ve found that promoting recycling can help others recycle. At my school, we have a club that goes around and collects recyclables on Friday at my school, and we take them to a bin on the school grounds. There are certain programs around the country, but they differ state to state, so you should probably research that a little on your own. Do you not have a club? Talk to a teacher. Even if you can’t get a recycling bin on your school grounds, that doesn’t mean you can’t recycle! There are plenty of kids who are willing to help take bottles and paper to local places that collect manufactures like that. Or, possibly just recycling on your own can reduce your carbon footprint. Talking to friends and advertising recycling will also help. Lastly, I think making other people knowledgeable about the state our environment is in will help, too. See if you can make an announcement at your school. I know, announcements at school sound silly, but think, there are about five to six hundred kids at your school? If they get involved, they will be helping out. Also, a few might go home to tell parents. Trust me, if you haven’t learned already, parents are almost always willing to help out a good cause. Making an announcement will really make a difference. Also, if you don’t want to look like a nerd, just think: there might be plenty of other people at your school thinking that they want to live greener, but they’re too afraid to actually do something. You may inspire them. You can do it! If I can do it, you can too. Good luck!

  3. this is somewhat very challenging question from a 14 years old because this teenage stage are more interested to know about their age bracket or contemporaries.lifestyle ,interest,more of infatuations to the opposite sex ,congratulations because it only shows your love for nature. well this means to have a greener living you have to maintain the beauty of nature by planting more trees, ornamental plants . to have a garden of green leafy vegetables. grasses which green green color should only trimmed not totally cut and promoting to collegues the importance of green living.

  4. sengelmohr@ymail.com

    One of the things my kids used to love to do at that age was draw, and we had a scrap paper box. Every piece of paper that was blank on one side was put in there to be used later. That would include old printer paper and junk mail. Some was even cut into pieces to fit our note paper cube. They also learned about what and how to recycle paper, plastic and glass. Turn off the lights, TV and radio when not in use. Close the doors and windows if the heat or air is running. I have also read where some schools have recycling for #5 Plastic which curb recycling doesn’t pick up. #5 Plastic may also dropped of at Whole Foods in some states.

  5. 14 year old to 14 year old, stop water when you’re not using it. don’t leave the light on unless necessary. Unplug appliances that are not in use. Reuse bottles and reusable items. Take things to recycling centers. And buy Adidas Grun from the online stores – best shoes ever by looks

  6. the best thing a 14 year old can do to live a greener life is to get their parents to live a greener life. Constantly tell them when they could be doing better for the earth. For example, car pooling, recycling, get the reusable bags for groceries and other things, no offense but the can reduce their carbon footprint extremely more than a 14 year old could. so bug your parents about it.

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