what are some ways i can start living green ?

i wanna know some ways i can help the planet besides recycling.

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  1. I’ve written a great article on how to "go green" when cleaning. Check it out. I know it will help. There are lots of ideas of how and what to clean with these two wonder ingrediants.

    I’ve also written an article called "Everyday should be Earth Day". Please check it out as well. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/729645/every_day_should_be_earth_day.html?cat=48

    I hope these help give you some ideas.

  2. Going green is easy, there are so many great resources about the subject. My personal favorite is "The Green Book" which has parts of its book online as well at http://www.readthegreenbook.com.

    As I have been striving to "Go Green" I realize it is like stepping back in time without getting rid of my modern conveniences. I’m doing many things I learned as a child, like line drying my clothes, sweeping instead of vacuuming, opening the windows in the morning to catch the cool breeze, only buying what I need instead of everything that looks cool, growing some of my own food, and canning what I can’t eat now.

    To me "going Green" is a frame of mind. Do what fits your lifestyle and do the easy things first, it is a process and like dieting if you go to radical to soon, you are more likely to go back to bad habits. I also believe there are good, better, best choices in most things. If you aren’t ready to start a home garden, then try finding a farmers market, until you locate one look for produce grown as close to home as possible and go organic when available.

    Many people think "going green" is expensive, I disagree. Some changes may take an initial investment, but they usually have a short payoff time. Things like weatherstiping and insulation cost, but the energy savings will add up quickly. You may need to purchase reusable bags, but most stores give you a 5 or 10 cent credit, so you are paid back within a few months.

    My top tips are make your home more energy efficient, that also means using natural light, cooling and heating.

    Reduce your packaging, if you eat more fresh food you will generally reduce packaging, it’s the same thing they tell dieters, shop the perimiter, that is where all the meat, dairy and produce are located. Only buy what you will use, many Americans throw away a lot of unused food. Buy in bulk, that doesn’t just mean large packages, but that area with the bins that you buy only what you plan on using.

    Replace disposable items with durable items, if you eat outside often and use disposable paper or plastic plates, it is a wise investment to purchase a set of reusable plastic plates. Replace disposable razors, diapers and cleaning products like swiffer. Avoid bottled water, get a home filter like Pur or Brita.

    Recycle, http://www.earth911.org will help you locate the nearest recycle center. I try to only purchase plastics that are #1 or #2, they are more easily recycled. I also buy recycled products when available, that includes paper towels, napkings, toilet paper, tissue, school/office supplies and clothing.

    Detox your cleaning, vinegar and baking soda clean almost anything, they can even losen a hair clog. Seventh Generation and Method are a couple mainstream brands that are very earth friendly.

    Just start small and build from there, don’t get overwhelmed.

  3. Turn you water off when you brush your teeth.
    When a lightbulb goes out replace it with one of those curly ones. They’ll last longer. and saves energy. 🙂
    Have fun

  4. What I do is this To save electricity:

    I replaced the old thermostats in my house by electronic ones. (one by one over time, because they are expensive but DEFINITELY worth it)

    I lower the temperature in the Winter by 2 degrees (so to 19 or 20 C) and one more degree when Im not home or at night. (It makes a big difference!)

    I set my hot water tank lower as well. I take shorter showers and changed my shower head for a "water-saver" (which costs about 10$ but uses less that 2.5 gallons of water per minute at 80pi, that’s the standard you have to look for).

    When a light bulb burns, I replace it by a fluo-compact light.

    I dont leave the PC running all day or night, I only turn it on when I need it and turn it off after. I use sun light as much as possible and when it’s dark, I only turn on the lights in the room Im in.

    In the Summer, I use a fan or nothing at all. I don’t use an A/C and just enjoy the hot Summer months (I’m in Montreal Canada… hot is REALLY hot).

    I use the microwave to heat up food as oppose to the stove, I also use the toaster-oven to bake food like fries, chicken, or anything else that fits in it as oppose to the big over. I boil water in the kettle instead of on the stove.

    I don’t use the dryer, I hang my clothes to dry outside or on hangers in the bathroom.

    Just to be more enviro-friendly:

    I bike to work (3KM) & walk to the shops when I can
    I bring my own reusable bad when I go shopping
    I recycle almost everything (my city picks it up on the curb)
    I compost when I can (in a small open bin with soil on my balcony -no, it really doesnt smell!!-)
    I try not to waste things. I give away what I dont need use anymore and is still good.
    I put two water bottles in my toilet tank so every time I flush, I save 1.5 litre of water without compromising the quality of the flush.
    At work, I use my own coffee mug instead of using a new styrofoam cup every time. I encourage people to do the same.

    Hope this helps..

  5. There are many things you can do to live green and some are very inexpensive too!
    ~Of course, keep recycling!
    ~Use reusable batteries or recycle dead batteries properly
    ~Use reusable shopping bags
    ~Try not to use paper napkins or paper towel as much as possible. Instead use cloth napkins that can be washed.
    ~Try to use fewer paper plates and more washable ones.
    ~Take shorter showers
    ~Turn off lights whenever possible
    ~Try to by more organic foods and local foods (for example, at a farmer’s market)
    ~Use regular silverware, not plastic
    ~Use eco friendly products in replace of regular dish washing liquids, house cleaners, ect.
    ~On a nice day, turn off the air/heat and open some windows. You save of the cost, get a nice fresh breeze, and help the environment.
    ~Plant trees around your house to shade and save on using more air conditioning
    ~Buy one plastic, reusable, water bottle instead of using regular plastic ones and then getting rid of them
    ~If possible, you could buy a hybrid, but if not, don’t worry about it

    These are just a few ideas I can think of, but you can also go to http://www.gogreen.com for some more tips. Good luck 🙂

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