What are the drawbacks from using solar energy?

What are some drawbacks from using solar energy? I know that it is expensive, and it only works when the sun is out, what are 3 other drawbacks?

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  1. Maybe one way to make these solar panels more affordable is to pass a law that all new commercial buildings and government, state, federal buildings such as housing, nursing homes, assisted living, sub housing and the like all be required to have solar or wind power attached to all buildings. This could help with providing jobs to Americans since there is no current jobs that are coming our way that are farmed out to other countries at this time. If the government is going to spend all this money, why not do something that is going to help our future.

  2. Hello,

    Today is very possible to build your own solar power, and you don’t have to spend a LOT OF MONEY!!!
    And you don’t need to have 300 days out of 365 of SUN.
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  3. Solar energy has many advantages than disadvantages. Technicians that specialize in the installation of solar devices are hard to find due to a lack of manpower in possession of the proper skills.

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  4. In the big picture, the only major drawbacks are initial cost , and lack of reliability. Having $30,000 up front is too much for most people. Contrary to what another poster says, they WILL pay themselves off before their lifetime is up. What is yet to be worked out is how to build a reliable grid around a power supply that is intermittent. My guess is that hydrogen will become the large-scale battery for solar energy.

    There are a few minor drawbacks, but when you look at the big picture they’re acceptable. These include:
    – "Ugliness". Some people find them to be ugly. Personally, I find a smoke-belching coal power plant to be uglier. Also, newer designs are able to be incorporated right into roofing tiles so you barely notice they’re there.
    – Production. Yes, the production of them requires the mining of silicon and results in some nasty waste. Once again, though, a coal power plant requires the mining of coal, as well as waste in its construction and operation.

    I don’t know what the other poster is thinking, but solar cells are very low maintenance. Once they’re installed, all they require is an occasional (like once a year) hosing down to clean off grime and make them more efficient.

  5. The manufacturing processes of solar panels are very toxic. They’re ugly, they don’t work, they require maintenance. To get solar panels enough to provide for your energy, you’d have to pay more for the panels than you would in purchasing a lifetime of electricity.

  6. it will work too well in the states that have 300+ days of sun per year and take away from parts of the U.S. that have less sun.

  7. Well for one, solar panels are not yet fully developed to the point where they’re efficient enough for normal use for everyone and everywhere. Solar panels will gain popularity in the next 10 to 15 years as electrovoltaic cells get further developed. Another draw back is that you need a lot of them to power an entire house for example. You would probably need 5 to 10 panels sized at around 2 by 5 feet. And of course as you mentioned, they are expensive (at least for now). And finally, before solar panels probably get developed well enough, you’ll have better solutions such as panels that can work at night and attract UV rays and get energy from those. (Although that one is still in the works and a big question mark.) Personally I prefer wind energy to solar, and think wind farms are more versatile and aesthetic, and a lot more eco-friendly when constructed compared to solar panels.

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