What color clothing best suits fair skin and blue/green eyes?

Should I wear clothes that match my eye colour?

4 thoughts on “What color clothing best suits fair skin and blue/green eyes?”

  1. The Fashionopolist

    light aqua
    soft shades of green–like celery (not olive though)
    black always works

  2. Grey black and dark blues and greens are nice. Cream color would look great!

    Vanessa <3

  3. Yes, my eyes are blue and blue is my best color. Also browns, greens, greys, and pink (if you’re tough enough, heh) would look good on you.
    Maybe post what color hair you have or a picture.

  4. Black, teal, turquoise, gold, dark purple. try out diffrent things you never know what you might find! if your attracted to a color it will usually look good on you.

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