What color clothing goes best with dark green eyes and brown hair?

I’m a 13 year old girl and I want to see what’s the best color that goes with my appearance.

4 thoughts on “What color clothing goes best with dark green eyes and brown hair?”

  1. hey sounds like my coloring! i have olivey skin tone, with a little bit of pink on my cheeks. Everyone tells me a look best in royal blue, and i cant help but agree. It may depend on your skin tone. also, what shade is your brown hair???? I have light brown hair, almost dirty blonde.

    I would say royal blue, or navy blue.

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    To enhance the color of green eyes, consider adding some green to your wardrobe. When light hits your green outfit it tends to reflect onto your eyes and makes them appear deeper in hue. When choosing clothing colors, you’ll also want to take into consideration your skin tone and hair color to avoid looking washed out. If you have red hair and green eyes, you’ll look striking in the warm orange and copper shades whereas if you have pale skin, you’ll want to select cooler shades of clothing. Gold can be a particularly attractive color on many women with green eyes. Don’t forget that gold jewelry can be used to play up green eyes, particularly when worn around the face. A pair of striking gold earrings will not only call attention to your face and eyes, they’ll also enhance your eye color.

    If you have green eyes, don’t hesitate to show them. A little eye makeup in the right shade and gold jewelry may be all you need to turn pretty eyes into show stoppers.

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