What color clothing goes with brown shoes?

I’m not very good at accessorizing and matching colors together. In fact, I pretty much always buy black shoes because I know they will go with anything I wear. Recently, I bought a really nice pair of light brown shoes (they’re not beige or tan, but a few shades lighter than chocolate brown). However, I have no idea what color clothing would match with them. Can they go with an all white dress? What about a yellow-green dress? What about bright yellow, dark orange, or baby blue?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “What color clothing goes with brown shoes?”

  1. I think they would go with any color really!
    just experiment and try different things on
    and if you like it then that is all that matters!

  2. It will definitely helps more if you showed us any picture what you have and of what color and what type of shoes you have in fact, anyways after getting imagine I would suggest with light brown shoes the dress is more fitted in color might be of dark brown, with light brown also, I would suggest you to wear any tone in brown color.

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