What colours go with : grey, red, green, purple and tuquoise clothes?

I have many items of clothing that need layering up for my modelling fashion photoshoots, im finding it hard to get inspiration as i usually wear black, but im trying to be creavtive. Im also loving the autumn colours, so if anyone can help…. sam x

5 thoughts on “What colours go with : grey, red, green, purple and tuquoise clothes?”

  1. heathermichelle9

    Grey I would pair with all of the rest of your colors, red is a good color to go with brown this time of year, green and black is in, purple can go with a number of things especially gold and turquoise and brown is a hot number.

  2. Grey- any color goes

    Red- brown, orange, white, pink, light blue, navy blue, silver, gold

    Green- brown, orange (for fall), yellow (sometimes), light blue, dark blue, white, pink, silver, gold

    Purple- pink, brown (somettimes), white, silver, gold, light blue

    Fall Colors- red, orange, yellow, green, brown, burgubdy, silver, gold

    Black also goes with everything…ah-bviously <3

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