What exactly do you mean by "green living?" Does it have anything to do with conservation?

5 thoughts on “What exactly do you mean by "green living?" Does it have anything to do with conservation?”

  1. Absolutely – conserve water, conserve electricity, conserve gas.

    It’s also – pollute less by recycling and using less. Take your own grocery bags.

    Use cleaning products that are "green" – biodegradable and non-toxic like Seventh Generation or Shaklee – or you can use lemon juice and baking soda

    Use microfiber cleaning cloths rather than paper towels

    Lots of amazingly easy things you can do to be green. Check out the websites below!

    Good question!

  2. Thinkk Global, Act Local

    By living green, you pursue a life that impacts the environment less than most people. Most people who are ‘green’ conserve everything they can. Conserving can be as simple as turning off the water while you brush your teeth and as extreme as using recycled construction concrete to build your home.

  3. Green living, as opposed to non-green living (would that be just living?) is a more conservation minded lifestyle.

    Green living could be as simple as practicing basic conservation such as turning off lights when not needed, reducing water consumption, recycling waste or buying more of your food and goods from local sources.

    At the extreme end you have those that live in near or total self sufficiency, producing their own organic food, using locally available materials or environment friendly alternatives to construct their homes and generating their own power through completely renewable means. Water could be provided by purifying rain water and waste water could be used to irrigate the fields.

    To put it simply, green living is a conscious decision to reduce ones impact on the Earth by lowering the environmental impact of our current lifestyles, but the degree one reduces this impact to depends on the person.




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