What is a good name for a solar energy company?

This company has basically just fallen into my lap, but it needs a name. It is a solar energy company that uses UV rays. So, you can get solar energy even on a cloudy day! 😀 Your help is greatly appreciated!

8 thoughts on “What is a good name for a solar energy company?”

  1. Well said mike, this is why Germany and Denmark have abandoned any future development of this filthy polluting technology.

  2. You need a name that conveys the attributes of your company. Something that lets potential customers know that they’re wasting their money on "feel-good" environmentalism if they buy your product.
    Solar is expensive, inconvenient, unreliable and worse – on a per kilowatt hour basis, it has a larger environmental footprint than conventional sources of electricity. The chemical processes used to make solar panels create wastes that never degrade and are a potential danger forever.
    Why don’t you call it "Wish Upon a Star." It’s a fairy tale.

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