What is a major down side of solar energy?

i need a couple down points for solar energy. so could anybody tell me some other down points for a debate?

6 thoughts on “What is a major down side of solar energy?”

  1. solar is cheap and accessible in many desert areas 3rd world countries like Arequipa and Tacna Peru. the downside is over-pricing of materials for us in the usa and clouds and over-consumption

  2. 1. Less efficient
    2. Expensive
    3. Require larger space to house rechargable batteries and solar panel.
    4. Low energy availability during non sunny days
    5. Disposing of the battery causes environment pollution.

  3. High cost of solar panels
    Need for expensive battery banks to store energy
    Environmental impact of all those batteries

  4. For residential, cost is the big barrier. Even if you consider the lower cost approach of leasing them, you have to have high enough consumption to make it pay off. Just a point of reference, my electric bills average about $45 month, and it doesn’t make sense for me to even lease panels for my house.

  5. 1. limited time of day that solar energy can be collected. 12 hours = dark/dusk = no collection. Also overcast days= no collection.
    2. The only cost-effective solar energy panel parts so far are made by the Chinese not the US.
    3. There is no grid in place (or planned in detail) to economically disperse stored solar energy nation-wide.
    4. The oil companies already own many of the important patents and will not allow them to be used to maintain their profit margins. This keeps expedient development of the technology restricted.

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