What is the infrastructure of solar energy?

I am doing a project on solar energy and I need to know the infrastructure. I am not quite sure what that means, but I’ve been told it is how it’s integrated into society. Any answers or good sites?


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  1. The word Infrastructure can be separated into infra + structure.
    Infra is what is below and Structure is the framework. Infrastructure = Underlying support.

    Online dictionary defines Infrastructure as:
    1) The basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization.
    2) The fundamental facilities and systems serving an area, such as transportation, communication systems, power plants, and schools.

    The infrastructure for Solar Energy could be considered the organizations and systems that are used to deliver this product to the end user. This would include:
    Training and certification organizations such as NABCEP;
    Code development, inspections and enforcement through NEC and NAFP;
    There is manufactures that use global resources to make and deliver the components;
    and the local businesses that engineer, sell and install the systems to end users.

  2. What do you mean by infrastructure? Because the word infrastructure usually refers to the public systems or services, like road.

    Solar energy has been very useful to every human lives. Sunlight is the main reason for our good harvest, it provides photosynthesis to the plants, it provides heat to the water, solar-powered machines, like calculator and generator and lately solar energy plays a big role in our electricity production by the use of solar panels. It is made of silicon which is semiconductor.

  3. Hey Christina, one of the big advantages of solar power is its almost total lack of infrastructure. Infrastructure refers to the structures required to make a system work. Roads, airports and train tracks, for example, are the infrastructure to our transportation system. Our current electrical grid is the infrastructure for our electric supply system in most developed areas of the world. But solar requires only the panels and a storage medium, usually a battery. We have a vacation cabin in the upper midwest that uses both solar and wind power. The entire system fits on, inside and behind our cabin in the form of panels on the roof, a tower and wind turbine in the field, and batteries and electronics in the utility room. By most standards, this does not even constitute a infrastructure since there is no structure connecting it to other locations.

    Some homes use what is called a, "Utility Intertie," type solar system. In this case, they have the same basic equipment we do, minus the batteries, but the output is actually connected to the homes circuit panel, and thereby to the rest of the utility grid. Any excess the solar produces is sent back out to the grid. It is generally used up at the neighbors house, with the solar producing home getting a credit from the power company, and the nieghbor paying their usual electric bill. This reduces the amount of power the power company has to feed into the grid. So again, there really is not any specific solar power infrastructure, it simply uses what is already available, our existing electrical grid. I’ll include some sites below you can check out if you want to learn more. You an also google phrases like, "Solar Intertie," and, "Solar Grid," to look for other sources. Take care Christina, Rudydoo

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