What is the purpose of green living? What does that even mean?

3 thoughts on “What is the purpose of green living? What does that even mean?”

  1. oldwoodstockhippie

    real green living to me means that i try and not leave a big carbon foot print in any thing i do..I harvest trees,i replant trees,i recycle. I try and not use fossil fuels. My tractor runs on used cooking oil.(smells like french Fry’s) I have installed efficient lights in my house. I compost our waste for my garden. i do all this and my neighbor drives a hummer,throws his trash over the bank behind his house and tells every one he is worried about the environment. Go figure.

  2. "Green Living" these days is something popular a lot of people pretend to do that show the world how respectful, caring, righteous they are, and other things they are not. It is a terribly hypocritical trend.

    On the other hand, green living, the REAL meaning is to 1. Reduce consuption of unneccesary goods, 2. Reuse things before simply throwing them away (helps reduce future consumption), and 3. Recycling.

    People are starting to realize that North American (post industrial revlution period) consumer habits are wreaking havoc on ecosystems on which HUMANITY DEPENDS ON for our own survival

    Please Please listen to Modern Man by Bad Religion, it explains everything!

  3. gillian.speke@btinternet.com

    The Earth’s land was once covered in (green) forests – trees grew around shore-lines…
    Along comes man needing a house – so he chops a few trees and makes himself a shelter (using local materials is obviously the easy, most efficient way).

    Man multiplies…
    Billions of people later: Precious few forests remain… the people who lived in the forests, who called the forests their Cathedral, are now landless…
    we’ve used local stones, and furnaces… to build cold, hard-to-heat cities – we’ve mined & drilled the Earth’s ancient crust, reduced mountains to hardcore to build roads…
    The sprays we put on crops are harmful… the food we eat is not good for us – the number of people dying from cancer is awful – the amount and type of waste cannot be disposed of…we’ve burnt coal and other fossils – changing the delicate balance of our atmosphere…

    We’re NOW at the cross-roads:
    Do we carry-on regardless?
    Or, stop and think about how we are living (and dying)?

    True Green-living = We find a better – happier / healthier way of living, i.e. changing = stopping all the environmental destruction
    i.e. really doing things that are sustainable,whilst looking after the Earth.

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