What is the study of solar energy called?

I need to know what scientific research category the study of solar energy would fall under.

3 thoughts on “What is the study of solar energy called?”

  1. Physics

    I see we have a clown giving clown answers.

    Since solar energy involves the properties of light, electricity, solid state physics, nano technology, particle physics, etc., I would study physics.

    Become a solar energy technition if you want a blue-collar repairman type job–This would be a carreer advancement if you were, say, a clown though.

  2. Solar Energy Technology.

    It’s not physics either. It’s Solar Energy Technology. If you were to major in it you would be a Solar Energy Technician.

    No, Conservative this is the actual college course you take which is what he asked. It’s not called physics because it involves Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and even Computer Science.

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