What materials conduct the most solar energy?

I was assigned to create a solar power cooker, therefore I need to know what materials conduct the most solar energy.

4 thoughts on “What materials conduct the most solar energy?”

  1. Mr.UsuallyRight

    Silicone is prolly your best bet for such a project. However, if you
    have to actually ‘eat’ the food, I’d try using small mirrors angled
    against one another, sort of a mirror chamber.

    You can buy really cheap mirrors at the 99 Cents store or
    Dollar Tree. Good luck with your project 🙂

  2. Air conducts solar energy because it allows it to pass through.

    For a solar cooker you want to deflect or concentrate the solar energy, and maybe focus it onto something that absorbs the energy to create heat.

    To deflect, you need a reflective surface, something with low emissivity and high reflectivity.
    To absorb you need a dark or rough surface, high emissivity, low reflectivity

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